Monthly Fire Safety Tip

Test Your Smoke Alarm every Month

Only working smoke alarms save lives.

Most fire-related deaths result from the inhalation of toxic fire gases rather than from direct contact with flame or exposure to heat. It's important to know that your smoke alarm will sound in the event of a fire while you're asleep.

Press the test button once a month, and when you return from an extended absence, to ensure that the smoke alarm is working. Test the backup battery of a hard-wired (240 volt) alarm by isolating the power supply (main switch or circuit breaker) before pushing the test button.

If the smoke alarms are interconnected make sure that the interconnected smoke alarms also sound when you press the test button.

To test the alarms which are connected to a security system, refer to the owner instruction manual or follow the testing advice which is displayed on the control panel.

More detailed information on Smoke Alarms, testing and maintaining them, visit this page on our website: Smoke Alarms.