Public Information & Warnings

During significant emergency incidents, don’t rely on a single source for your information.

Look and listen for information on television, radio, internet, mobile phones and by speaking with neighbours.

You can access current South Australian Public Information and Warnings for all emergency services agencies via the links provided (below) and:

  • On local ABC radio, FIVEaa, or your local emergency services broadcaster.


Additional sources of SA public information and warnings

MFS emergency incidents – structure fire, bushfire, chemical spill, gas leak, smoke in area.

Bushfire incidents

For current Bushfire information and warnings for incidents in Country Fire Service (CFS) or Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) area:

  • Visit the CFS website’s Current Incidents table via
  • CFS Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Call the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

Heatwave, flood and weather related incidents

Police incidents

Apps for downloading

Emergency related apps are available for you download. Click here for more information.

Emergency Alert

For more information about the Emergency Alert national telephony warning system, click here

Disaster Recovery

For disaster recovery information and assistance: