Retained Firefighters

Our Mission

To ensure excellence in the provision of services to the South Australian community that will protect life, property, the environment and the economy.

Retained firefighters after attending an incident at Whyalla Steelworks. Picture courtesy of Travis Kroezen.

Career Information

Retained Firefighters enjoy a unique mixture of their normal everyday activities and MFS orientated training sessions, either of which, can suddenly be interrupted by a call to attend an emergency.

For 24 hours a day, every day of the year, Retained Firefighters are not only committed to the suppression of fire but are also required to deal with many other types of emergencies. The call may be for any number of differing situations, which may include a fire, a rescue, or a dangerous substance spillage.

Skills and knowledge will be gained during compulsory training, and the "hands on” experience gained under the watchful eye of more seasoned firefighters. On joining, to become a valuable member of the firefighting team, you will be required to undergo an extensive development program.

The Retained Firefighter must enjoy a challenge as during the course of their training and attendance at emergencies they may be called upon to work in confined spaces, at heights, wear breathing apparatus and/or protective clothing, conduct a search and if circumstances dictate, effect a rescue from a smoke-filled building or a hazardous material incident.

To meet the challenge, the MFS is committed to selecting retained recruits who will not only serve the local community, but who will also bring credit to themselves and the MFS.

Retained Firefighters should possess the following characteristics:

• The motivation to work conscientiously in serving the community, and in a manner that is at all times helpful, ethical and professional;
• A willingness to work within a diverse workforce, made up of people of different gender, background and culture;
• Sound literacy and numeracy skills;
• Effective communication skills;
• Sufficient basic physical strength and the capacity for rapid, intense and sustained effort;
• Sufficient self-discipline to be able to accept and carry out orders when required but at the same time have the initiative to complete a task under the minimum of supervision;
• A sympathetic and caring approach towards the victims of emergencies, and the mental fortitude to continue working in what may be unpleasant circumstances;
• The ability to use current information technology, including common software products such as Microsoft Word and Outlook.

MFS Retained Firefighter Craig Parkinson, based at Whyalla.

If you are thinking of a career as a Retained Firefighter, then think long and hard, for it involves a big commitment to the greatest responsibility of all - the protection of life, property, the environment and the economy.

If you are successful, the rewards and benefits are many, including the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to the safety and welfare of others and provided a valuable service to the local community. There is also a tremendous sense of camaraderie, teamwork and achievement. Some of the skills acquired may also be useful in your civilian employment.

Please note: You must reside within ten (10) minutes from the MFS Station for efficient response to incidents. Any costs associated with fulfilling this criteria must be met by the applicant.

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