Recruitment Schedule

Recruitment Schedule

Please be advised that the MFS have currently ceased all recruitment activities due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. This includes activities around the recruitment campaign that was scheduled to launch early in the second half of 2020.

Looking forward, the MFS will be reviewing its recruitment requirements and will provide further information and updates via this website, as they become available.



Stage of Recruitment



Live Application Period

Online Applications are only accepted during a live campaign.



Stage 1: 

Application Fee

Accepted and validated applicants will be provided with instruction to pay the $100, non-refundable application fee, and given 5 working days to make payment.

Holders of select Department of Human Services issued Concession Cards will be exempt from paying the fee.  Original documentation will be required to be presented as evidence.

Accepted applications have a lifecycle of 24 months.  Applicants do not need to reapply in campaigns launched within the lifecycle period.

Stage 2:

Cognitive and Personality and Behavioural Assessments.




Applicants will expect correspondence from Converge/SAFESELECT which will include Candidate Instructions, usernames and passwords to access a unique URL to the Cognitive and Personality and Behavioural Assessments. These are undertaken online and unsupervised and may only be completed once.

Applicants will be given 5 days to complete all Assessments.

Applicants are reminded that stringent security and applicant authentication processes are in place including the requirement to sign Statutory Declaration/s.  Significant ramifications will be enforced is an applicant is found to be unauthentic. 

Unsuccessful results in the

Cognitive remain valid for 12 months.

The results of the Profiling Assessment remain valid for a lifecycle period of 24 months/2 years. 

Stage 3:

Physical Aptitude Test Stage 1  - Beep Test (PAT1)

Applicants successful to be selected to progress to PAT1 will be advised with approximately 1 weeks’ notice. 

The PAT1 is a pass/fail assessment requiring applicants to reach a level of 9.6 only.




PAT1 results are valid for a lifecycle period of 12 months. 

Unsuccessful PAT1 contestants may be called back after 12 months to re-contest the stage. 

Successful PAT1 contestants may be called forwarded to participate in the next stage of the process at any time within the 12 month period.  Should the 12 month period expire, you will be required to re-contest the PAT1.

Invitations are at the discretion of the MFS.

Stage 4:



Interviews are held an MFS Angle Park Training Centre.

Interview results remain valid for the duration of the application.

Applicants may only be interviewed once per application.

Stage 5: 

Physical Aptitude Test Stage 2 – Multi-task Simulation (PAT2)

The PAT2 is a pass fail assessment requiring completion of 11 simulated tasks within a time frame of 32 minutes. 

PAT2 results are valid for a lifecycle period of 6 months.

Unsuccessful PAT2 contestants may be called back after 6 months to re-contest the stage. 

Successful PAT2 contestants may be required to participate in further stages of the process at any time within the 6 month period.  Should the 6 month period expire, contestants will be required to re-contest the PAT2.

Invitations are at the discretion of the MFS.

Stage 6:

Pre-employment Checks comprising:

Medical Examinations – Audiology; Respiratory; Medical

Successful applicants at the PAT2 will be given 3 appointments to attend, generally within a few days after the PAT2.  All instruction with regard to these appointments will be provided by the MFS.  For further information on Medical Conditions and Standards, please refer to this document.

All medical appointments are conducted at MFS nominated medical centre/clinics.   Costs associated with medical appointments are covered by the MFS.


Work References

The MFS obtain work references to confirm and validate the applicant’s suitability to the role. Applicants will be required two provide email contact details of at least 2 referees, those being a current supervisor and a current peer.  Referee statement may be obtained either verbally or in writing.


Criminal History Screening

Applicants are required to provide consent for the MFS to obtain Criminal History information.  Failure to provide consent will result in your applicant not progressing.

Criminal History Screening is a ‘point in time’ check on a variety of criminal and other offences.  The MFS may require applicants to provide consent to obtain criminal history information at its discretion.

The MFS cover the cost of Criminal History Screening.

Pre-Requisite Licence and Certifications

Applicants are given 4 – 5 weeks to provide evidence of possessing minimum MR drivers licence and required First Aid Certification.

Applicants must provide evidence in order to be eligible to receive an offer of a place on the Recruit Course.

Offers of Recruit Course Placements




Note:  The above timetable is provided as a guide only and is subject to change without notice.  It is also provided as a guide commencing from initial campaign.  Applicants are advised that the process and its timings will vary within the lifecycle periods in order to meet MFS forecasted workforce requirements.