Prior to lodging an online application, candidates should ensure they meet certain requirements. Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly familiarise themselves with the contents of the Firefighter Position Information Document (PDF, 850 KB), which lists the essential and desirable characteristics of a full-time Firefighter.

Knowledge, Behaviour and Attitude

Are you the right person for the job? As a Firefighter you must have:

  • The motivation to work conscientiously in serving the community, and in a manner that is at all times helpful, ethical and professional;
  • The self-discipline to be able to accept and carry out orders;
  • A sympathetic and caring approach towards the victims of emergencies, together with the mental fortitude to continue working in sometimes harrowing circumstances;
  • A willingness to work within a diverse workforce, made up of people of different gender, background and culture;
  • Sound literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Effective communication skills; and
  • The ability to use current information technology, including common software products such as Microsoft Word and Outlook

Residency Requirements

Applicants must provide evidence of being able to work and reside in Australia permanently. Evidence includes Birth Certificate (if born in Australia), Australian Passport, Certificate of Australian Citizenship or evidence of permanent residency issued by the Department of Immigrations and Border Protection.

Driver's Licence

At the time of application you must hold a current and valid C Class (Car) driver's licence. A probationary or provisional driver's licence is not acceptable.

An MR driver's licence must be obtained, at your own expense, prior to the commencement of the recruit course. Time will be allocated to obtain this licence.

An HR driver's licence must be obtained, at your own expense, within the first 12 months of employment.

For further information regarding licence classes and minimum requirements please visit

Health & Fitness

To be competitive in the Recruitment and Selection process you must have a high level of fitness. Firefighting requires the capacity for rapid, intense and sustained effort. You must be prepared to maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout your firefighting career.

You must also undergo a thorough medical examination prior to being accepted. Please refer to our Medical Standards document (PDF, 22 KB) for further information.

A non-smoking policy applies to all government worksites including the MFS.

Pre-Application Seminars

Pre-Application Seminars are offered to potential applicants prior to the launch of new Recruitment Campaigns.  The seminars aim to provide potential candidates with information about the role, the training and the recruitment process, and also includes a Q&A with the presenters as well as an opportunity to speak with them individually.

Registration is essential as seats are limited.  Please monitor our website for updates about any scheduled Pre-Application Seminars.