The MFS and other fire authorities around the world have found ways of reducing unwanted alarm activations.

These include:

  • charging for attendance to unwanted alarm activations
  • amendments to the Australian Standards to raise the standard of fire alarm systems and their maintenance
  • developing partnerships with all the key stakeholders - the MFS, building owner/occupiers and the fire protection industry
  • community education programs and information.

Owner / occupiers of alarmed buildings can help to reduce unwanted alarm activations by:

  • ensuring that prescribed automatic fire alarm systems are operating correctly
  • providing information to staff, tenants, clients, tradespersons and the general public on how to effectively live and work with installed fire alarm systems
  • using the installed public address systems to educate the public, and to advise occupants of the reason for the alarm activation
  • involving all stakeholders in how their automatic fire alarm system can be upgraded to perform to expectations
  • having building owner/occupiers of automatic fire alarm systems invite MFS assistance about optimum fire alarm systems for their building
  • developing cooperation between everyone who lives and works with fire detection and fire alarm systems.

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