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The smoking of cigarettes and the careless disposal of smoking materials is the cause of numerous house fires and deaths each year.  

If you are a smoker or have smokers in the home, the following fire safety tips are recommended.

  • Always use deep, sturdy ashtrays.
  • Empty ashtrays frequently into an outside rubbish bin ensuring first that all cigarette butts and matches are completely extinguished.
  • Smoking, alcohol and fatigue are deadly when mixed together. Take special care if you have been drinking and smoking late at night. Before you go to bed check that no cigarette butts have lodged in the chair where you have been sitting.
  • NEVER smoke in bed.
  • NEVER leave lit cigarettes unattended.
  • Cigarette butts discarded from motor vehicles are the cause of many bushfires. Use a personal ashtray or a sealed car ashtray.
  • Keep matches and lighters well out of reach of children. Storage above adult shoulder height and out of sight is recommended.


Download the PDF English version of this Home Fire Safety Fact Sheet (PDF 310KB).


For further advice ring the Community Safety & Resilience Department 8204 3611, Country callers 1300 737 637


or call in to the Adelaide Fire Station, 99 Wakefield Street, Adelaide during business hours.