Fire Blankets

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Using a fire blanket correctly is one of the safest ways to extinguish a flammable liquid burning in a container – for example, oil or fat burning in a saucepan.

Fire blankets are available from department stores, hardware stores and specialist safety stores. When you purchase a fire blanket ensure it meets the Australian Standard: AS/NZS 3504:2006.

The kitchen is the most common place for oil or fat fires to occur. Install the fire blanket on the wall near or very close to a door leading out of the kitchen area.

Do not locate the blanket beside the oven or stove top as you may not be able reach it in the event of a fire.

How To Use A Fire Blanket

  1. Remove the fire blanket from its envelope by grasping the two protruding tags and pulling down.
  2. Grasp one tab in each hand near the blanket, and rotate your hands inwards so that they are protected by the blanket.
  3. Hold arms out toward the fire.
  4. Move slowly and carefully towards the fire. The blanket will protect you from the heat and flame.
    Do not look over the top of the blanket at the fire.
  5. Let the bottom of the fire blanket touch the side of the bench top or the container. Still moving your arms forward, slowly and carefully lower the blanket over the top of the container.
    Do not attempt to throw the blanket over the fire.
  6. Place a saucepan lid, a metal tray or other flat solid object on top of the fire blanket over the mouth of the container and leave it on the stove.
  7. Turn off the heat source.
  8. Call 000 for the Fire Service to attend. They will check for fire spread (through the exhaust fan or range hood) and assist in removing smoke from the house.
  9. Leave the container in place to cool for at least an hour before you attempt to move it.
    Practise using your fire blanket before you have a fire so that you know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.
    Once the fire blanket has been used on a real fire you should replace it immediately.


1. Never attempt to carry a container of burning liquid.

It is likely that the fire will flare up or that your movement will cause the flames to lap back towards you, possibly igniting clothing and causing you to drop the container and spread the fire.

2. Never attempt to use water to extinguish a flammable liquid.

The sudden expansion of water turning to steam will expel the burning liquid from the container igniting any combustibles with which it comes in contact.


Download the PDF English version of this Home Fire Safety Fact Sheet. (PDF 411KB)


For further advice ring the Community Safety & Resilience Department 8204 3611

Country callers 1300 737 637


or call in to 99 Wakefield Street, Adelaide during business hours.