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Commercial Fire Safety

Initial Consultation with the MFS Built Environment Section (BES)

The following form is to be completed and submitted to the MFS Built Environment Section (BES) prior to or during the initial meeting on a building development proposal on which consultation with the MFS as the relevant fire authority is being sought, generally pursuant to Regulation 45 of the South Australian Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017. The intent of this form is to provide a general and broad overview of the project proposal to the BES, from which further discussions can be developed.

PDI (General) Regulation 45 Referral for Fire Authority Comment & Report

The following forms are to be completed in full and submitted to the MFS BES along with the relevant project documentation (as identified in the BE001 form) when seeking Relevant Fire Authority Comment and Report pursuant to Regulation 45. 

Pursuant to Section 122 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, where necessary documentation or information is missing from the Regulation 45 submission or additional information is required in order to assess a Regulation 45 application, a request for information (RFI) will be made by the MFS.  Such RFIs will necessitate an extension of time to the prescribed period within which the Regulation 45 Relevant Fire Authority Comment Report is to be made, for the period of time that the applicant takes to provide such additional documents or information.

The forms have been provided in Microsoft Word format for convenience and to assist in expediting the Regulation 45 process. Once downloaded from this webpage they are no longer controlled documents. The MFS requests that these forms be submitted in Word format but recommends the applicant retain a PDF copy of the final, submitted forms for document control and record keeping purposes. These PDF copies are not required by the MFS for the purposes of completing the Regulation 45 referral process.

PDI (General) Regulation 103 Relevant Fire Authority Report

The following forms are to be completed and submitted to the MFS BES by fire services contractors when requesting a fire safety system inspection and functionality test pursuant to Regulation 103 for the granting of a certificate of occupancy. 

Fire hydrant systems:

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Automatic Fire Alarm Systems (to be monitored by the MFS):

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Notification of Fire Safety System Isolated or shut down due to maintenance or emergency works:

The following form needs to be completed and submitted prior to any Fire Safety System isolation or shutdown. The MFS Communications Alarms Officer should also be contacted immediately in case of emergency works on 8202 9966.

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Contact details:  Built Environment Section

Forms submitted to the MFS BES should be sent to the relevant Fire Safety Officer (where one has been assigned to a project), otherwise to the Manager Built Environment at:

Built Environment Section
Community Safety & Resilience Department
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
99 Wakefield Street


Waiving of Monitored Fire Alarm Charges

If you believe that you have been charged for an unwanted alarm that is unfair or beyond your control, you can apply to the MFS for consideration of a waiver of the unwanted alarm charge.  An application to waive the alarm charge must be lodged with the MFS within 30 days of the invoice date.  Please refer to the information pages under the ‘Fire Alarms’ menu tab above for further information on unwanted false alarms.

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Please complete the appropriate form for the fire alarm system type (above) and submit with any supporting documentation to:

Attention:  Incident Records
Communications Department
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
GPO Box 98



Hazardous Chemicals Emergency Planning

Do you have a site with a notifiable quantity of hazardous chemicals? (Notifiable quantity in relation to notifying Safework SA).

If you do, then you are required to create an emergency plan and submit a copy to the South Australian Fire Services.

Download the Emergency Plan Submission form here:

MFS/CFS – Emergency Plan Submission Form

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Domestic Fire Safety

Due to the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) has made the difficult decision to cancel all non-emergency community engagements and discontinue taking bookings until further notice.


Our aim is to protect our employees and members of the public (including vulnerable groups) and to protect our ability as an organisation to provide 24/7 emergency response to serve the community.



We look forward to again taking bookings for educational Station Tours, Appliance Visits, Community Events, Road Awareness Program (RAP) Presentations, Career Presentations, Home Fire and Life Safety Presentations and School Holiday Fire Station Tours and members of the community are encouraged to monitor this website and social media sites for updates.


We understand this is disappointing for the community and thank you for your understanding.