Fire Investigation

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), Fire Investigation Section forms part of the Community Safety and Resilience Department. The role of the Fire Investigation Section is to provide independent investigations to identify and report on the cause and origin of fires.

Investigators respond in a team format comprising a member from the MFS and South Australia Police (SAPoL) to fires under the following critera:

  • All structure fires where, due to the extent of the damage, the skills and expertise of the investigators are necessary to determine the cause or origin of the fire,
  • All fires where there is a death, or
  • All fires where there is a serious fire injury that has resulted in a person/s being transported and admitted to hospital.

Fire Investigators identify the incidence of arson and detect fire safety issues that place the community at risk. The Team works in close liaison with the SAPoL through a Memorandum of Understanding for the investigation of fires.

Information derived from investigations are further enhanced through the actions of SAPoL, State and Federal government agencies, South Australia's legal system, Media outlets, the Insurance industry and the general public.

Other tasks undertaken by Fire Investigators include:

  • Assessing current practices in passive and active fire protection systems, providing practical advice to the relevant stakeholders on deficiencies and efficiencies of these systems following fires or other incidents. 
  • Provision of training to the State's firefighters in scene preservation and basic fire cause investigation strategies and tactics.


MFS Fire Investigation Image - Bedroom with Candles -1 MFS Fire Investigation Image - Bedroom with Candles -2 MFS Fire Investigation Image - Bedroom with Candles -3
Child's bedroom with
candles left unattended

Bedroom engulfed in flames from candles left unattended

Aftermath of child's bedroom fire caused by candles left unattended


For more information the Fire Investigation Section may be contacted as follows: 

Telephone            8204 3600 (during normal business hours only)

Country callers    1300 767 737 (toll free)