Built Environment Guidelines

Emergency Planning Guidelines


Note that all Built Environment Guidelines are currently under review and not available for download.  

Should you have any queries please contact the Built Environment Section via email or telephone 8204 3611.


Guideline 002

Scissor Stairs

Guideline 004

Hot Smoke Testing

Guideline 008

Marina Fire Fighting Systems

Guideline 012

PDI (General) Regulation 45 Submissions (2.0)
Guideline 013

General Guidelines for Rubber Tyre Storage

Guideline 021

Fire Risk Strategy for Recyclable Metal Stockpile Management
Guideline 023

Emergency Evacuation of Cinemas

Guideline 024

Child Care Facilities in Multi-storey Buildings

Guideline 025

Car Stackers
Guideline 026

Building Fire System Precis

Guideline 027

Dry Fire Hydrant Systems


Emergency Planning Guidelines

Emergency Planning Guideline 001

Emergency Plans at Facilities having Notifiable Quantities of 
Dangerous Goods and Major Hazard Facilities