The Services We Provide

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is responsible for the protection of the South Australian community from the effects of fire, chemical incidents and other emergencies. The MFS maintains a trained professional workforce that includes 782 full-time and 260 retained firefighters and 48 non-operational management and support staff.

Our organisation invests considerable resources in identifying risks to the community, fostering behaviours that increase community preparedness and ensuring South Australian buildings are safe places to live and work.

The MFS must continually prepare to the highest standards to ensure excellence in the provision of emergency services to the South Australian community. This means ensuring our organisation employs a well-trained and developed professional workforce, equipped with modern resources and supported by an efficient emergency service organisation.

The current global environment poses many challenges for emergency responders. In addition to fighting fires our personnel now respond to a broader range of emergencies that include Road Accidents, Urban Search and High Angle Rescue.  Firefighters must also deal with modern threats including Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) and other Hazardous Materials (Hazmat).