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The Community Safety and Resilience Department (CSRD) includes: Community Education; Built Environs; Media, Corporate Communication and Public Warnings; and Fire Cause Investigation.

The CSRD has a permanent staff of 29 and is managed by a Metropolitan Fire Service Commander. We aim to be recognised not just as an excellent emergency responder but also as an agency that reduces risks to the community.


Community Engagement Section

The Community Engagement Section (CES) aims to help make South Australian communities a safer place to live and work by fostering safer behaviours that reduce community loss. The CES raises public awareness of fire and life safety as well as targeted education programs such as road safety and the challenges of risky behaviours.
Key safety messages are promoted using both large media campaigns and more targeted educational approaches.
The CES also provides the materials and resources that allow operational firefighters across the state to teach the community about fire and life safety.

Engagement Officers provide an ongoing service to community groups and schools, speaking and working with them at a local level to increase knowledge and understanding of Home Fire and Life Safety.

Education Officers also deliver customised programs for identified target groups and are also involved in a variety of community events.

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Other programs conducted by CES are the Juvenile Firelighters Intervention Program (J-FLIP) and the Road Awareness Program (RAP).

J-FLIP is an early intervention program where specially trained, operational firefighters work with families concerned about children who have been involved in unsafe fire play. J-FLIP aims to change children's behaviour and attitudes towards fire before their fire play has serious consequences. The Program achieves a very high success rates with more than 95% of children stopping their fire lighting behaviour.

RAP (Road Awareness Program) is a powerful road safety program presented to road users. It is designed to show an open and honest view of what firefighters experience on a daily basis when it comes to road crash rescue. RAP is presented to inspire and motivate South Australians and Australians of all ages to be responsible on our roads. In particular RAP focuses on drivers, passengers and pedestrians and seeks to actively engage and empower both new and experienced road users in relation to road safety. Through generational change in attitudes and behaviours RAP aims to help reduce the carnage on our roads.


Built Environment Section

The Built Environment Section (BES) is the leading State Government agency providing expert review, comment and opinion in relation to building fire safety.

The BES provides "built environment" fire and life safety advice and support to the construction industry, local councils and the wider community by promoting the adoption of cost effective solutions that protects lives.
Legislative duties include the provision of Regulation 28 and Regulation 83 Reports with respect to the SA Development Regulations.

The BES provides fire engineering based technical review, support, advice and direction to MFS Operations with respect to:

  • building technologies, including new materials and construction techniques; and
  • fire suppression and fire detection systems, including innovative technologies and applications.

The BES also provides fire system testing and commissioning, and reports to facilitate MFS alarm monitoring functions, confirm functionality of installed safety systems and facilitate Certificate of Occupancy approvals.

The BES is also empowered to provide closure notices and inspect public buildings such as public bars and nightclubs where issues such as over-crowding and insufficient levels of fire prevention place members of the public at serious and immediate life risk.


BES Smoke Test

Fire Investigation

The Fire Investigation Section forms part of the Community Safety and Resilience Department. The role of the Fire Investigation Section is to provide independent investigations to identify and report on the origin and cause of fires.
Investigators respond in a team format comprising a member from the MFS and South Australia Police (SAPoL) to fires under the following critera:

  • all structure fires where, due to the extent of the damage, the skills and expertise of the investigators are necessary to determine the cause or origin of the fire;
  • all fires where there is a death; or
  • all fires where there is a serious fire injury that has resulted in a person/s being transported and admitted to hospital.

Fire Investigators identify the incidence of arson and detect fire safety issues that place the community at risk. The Team works in close liaison with the SAPoL through a Memorandum of Administrative Arrangement for the investigation of fires.

Information derived from investigations are further enhanced through the actions of SAPoL, State and Federal government agencies, South Australia's legal system, Media outlets, the Insurance industry and the general public.
Other tasks undertaken by Fire Investigators include:

  • assessing current practices in passive and active fire protection systems, providing practical advice to the relevant stakeholders on deficiencies and efficiencies of these systems following fires or other incidents; and
  • provision of training to the State's firefighters in scene preservation and basic fire cause investigation strategies and tactics
  • reduction of the number of preventable fires through research and analysis


Media and Communications

The MFS Media, Corporate Communications and Public Warnings Section has evolved significantly in the past ten years from a 'Public Relations Officer' role into an area providing a range of specialist information and community engagement services including the management and delivery of public safety information during emergency incidents.

The portfolio assists in the development and implementation of a range of public information, marketing communication, media management and branding projects, campaigns and activities supporting the MFS' strategic goals.

During significant emergency incidents, the role provides essential community safety information, Public Information and Warnings via nationally agreed systems. The MFS provides a 24 hour liaison service to media and ensures any safety messages following incidents are communicated for public information.

The role aligns closely with all key areas within the Fire Service ensuring the best possible outcome for the South Australian community.

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